When you think about geyser problems, it’s likely that your first thought is of a burst geyser or one that doesn’t heat your water sufficiently.

What many homeowners don’t think about is whether or not their geyser is too hot, because after all, providing hot water is the main purpose of a geyser.

Geyser problems

So, you might be wondering why an extremely hot geyser should be classified as one of the potential geyser problems you might face as a homeowner.

In this article, we explain the dangers of having a geyser that is far too hot, what causes it to happen and potential solutions to the issue.

Geyser Problems – Excessively Hot Geyser

Water that comes from your geyser should be hot but should not be boiling. Extremely hot water can cause serious burn injuries for anyone who opens the hot water tap.

Furthermore, when the water inside your geyser is too hot, it can cause pressure problems inside the tank which is an obvious safety risk, as well as additional plumbing problems.

Hot water builds up significant amounts of pressure, especially in a confined space and, if left unattended, the geyser is at risk of bursting.

This can cause serious damage to your home, and is a major safety risk for anyone who is nearby when it happens.

Lastly, it will require a lot more energy to maintain an overheating geyser, increasing your electricity costs significantly.

Causes and Solutions for an Overheating Geyser

  • Incorrect temperature settings on your thermostat could be causing your geyser to overheat.

The solution to this issue is as simple as checking your thermostat and readjusting the temperature by lowering it to a more suitable temperature.

Give it some time and check the temperature of the water to see if the problem has been resolved. If the water is still too hot, the thermostat might be faulty.

In this case, it’s best to call on our plumbers in Durbanville to safely test your thermostat and replace or repair it if necessary.

  • Mineral build up on the geyser’s elements can be another cause for an overheating geyser.

When the water is heated, these minerals start sticking together and as they become heavier, they settle at the bottom of the geyser. Eventually, they start covering the geyser’s elements, causing the geyser to work harder in order to heat the water. The result is an overheating geyser.

During early stages of this build up, a good clean may be all it takes to resolve this issue. However, if left for too long, the elements may start burning out and a full replacement may be necessary.

  • A geyser pressure valve leaking is also a potential cause for a geyser that is too hot. A failed pressure release valve causes steam to stay trapped inside the geyser. Steam is supposed to escape from the geyser in order to regulate pressure as well as temperature.

Pressure and heat build up is dangerous and if you hear a boiling sound coming from your geyser, it’s of utmost importance that you contact a qualified plumber to come out to repair or replace the valve as soon as possible.

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Geyser problems are normal to experience, but with the right maintenance and excellent service delivery from our plumbers in Durbanville, you can avoid all the consequences of a faulty geyser.

We provide high quality plumbing services in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, including expert leak detection and geyser repair and maintenance.

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