Different Types of Solar Systems

There are several types of solar systems available - making solar power generation in almost any climate.

Close coupled system (Thermosiphon system)

This type of system functions according to basic principles of physics. As the water in the collection panels is heated it rises and is passively transported into the geyser. The geyser and the collection panel are positioned close to one another. The geyser will have to be situated above the collection panel to facilitate the storage of the rising warm water.

 Advantages  Disadvantages
 Can be installed in houses with flat roofs.  Geyser on roof may be visually unappealing.
 Continues to operate during power cuts.  Geyser on the roof becomes heavy therefore the roof must be strong enough (not always possible to add strength to existing roof)
 Active pump is not required making it cost effective.  Due to overall weight of the system, installation can be challenging and can incur extra costs.
 A leak will not result in water dripping through the ceiling.  Exposed pipes that are prone to freezing will need extra protection.

Split pump systems

This system allows for the collection panels and the geyser itself to be positioned away from each other as it uses an active pump to circulate the water between the geyser and the collection panels. The collection panels will need to be positioned above the geyser.

 Advantages  Disadvantages
 The tank and collectors can be placed somewhere that is easily accessible.  More complex designs may be required to suite requirements of certain roofs.
 Using the retrofit system can be an option.  More expensive system due to the costs of the pump and collectors.
 More visually appealing as geyser is not positioned on the roof.  Power is necessary to run the system.

Retrofit solar system

This system is designed to take any existing high pressure electric geyser and convert it into a direct solar water heating system.

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