Residential Water Leak Detection Cape Town

Domestic Water Leak Detection

We offer domestic solutions for water leak problems in detecting and pinpointing water leaks in and around your home.

Using a professional leak detection services company means having peace of mind and convenience for the home owner.

Repairing even small leaks can lead to big savings over time.

We work smartly and neatly, using the latest leak detection technology and cause the minimum of mess and provide the least invasive means of locating the source of the leak.

We detect leaks without breaking down walls, lifting tiles, slabs and pavements.

As an added service we also provide immediate access to a plumbing team to effect the repairs necessary to fix the leak in the most economical and efficient way.

Water Leak Indicators

Indications that you may have an underground leak include:

  • There is a continuous sound of running water
  • Your water meter indicates water usage even when nobody is using any water
  • Your water bill account climbs for no apparent reason
  • If you see wet, spongy, moist or discoloured areas on walls or floors or in the garden
  • When walls or foundations crack
  • Smells from floors or walls or near drains or sewers
  • Paint bubbling
  • Black Mould
  • Tiles or wooden flooring lifting

Contact our plumbers in Durbanville, Cape Town if you suspect a leak on your property.


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We are at the end of the year which means we are all preparing to settle into our long-awaited, well-deserved holidays. Plumb Leak plumbers in Cape Town would like to wish you a joyful, safe and memorable festive season.


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